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Congratulations to Gunnar Larsen and Ferdinand van West, 2014 F18 World Champions

F18 Worlds Friday 11-07-2014-5652

After 3 years of talking, 2 years of planning and a frantic last few months by Event Chairman David Taylor and the many "teams" from Ballyholme Yacht Club, it's all over.

Gunnar Larsen & Ferdinand van West are our 2014 F18 World Champions closely followed by the French team of Girvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot and the young Americans Taylor Reiss & Matthew Whitehead. 

A wonderful week of sunshine and various wind conditions mixed with great camaraderie on the water and after the racing.

Thank you all for coming and visiting Ballyholme Yacht Club and Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Many thanks must also go to the North Down Borough Council, North Down Tourism and the two Mayor Councillors Andrew Muir and Peter Martin who helped hugely with preparation and organisation, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We must also thank NITB and our local businesses for their financial (and in-kind) support. 

If you missed the event, read our extensive Twitter feed and Facebook, Press Releases, Blog, Live Blog and have a look at our galleries with wonderful photos from Jasper van Staveren and other local photographers, and we also have our Youtube channel. 

Finally a few comments from some of our visitors:

Don Findlay: "we do believe that you have “raised the bar” for hosting Championships, and those that follow will have to continually live up to the standards that you have set."

One highly experienced international sailor said “ we were almost embarrassed by the quality of service” and went on to say at the F18's Sailors Meeting that “it truly is the best regatta he had ever attended!”

Ollie Hartas: "I urge you to visit this amazing part of the world. It has rich history, stunning views and as I have mentioned before, truly the most lovely people on this planet."



Please watch Mark Johnston's complilation video from the F18 Worlds: